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Hi, I'm Andre Faehndrich and I'm The Plane Guy.

I am totally passionate about aviation in all it's forms.

As part of a life-long interest, I want to share my passion, and also promote the wonderful world of aviation, to all ages from the 0 to well, there is no limit!!. 

This also helps me to recover from a very difficult period of work induced stress and depression, and my love of aviation helps me, in my continued recovery, by doing things that I enjoy and that make me feel good.

For a summary of what The Plane Guy does, download the following; 



Come and share my passion for the wonderful world of aviation, in all its forms and help me to educate, inspire and most of all have fun.

Life is short - live every day to the full.


Young Aviators 2024

Very kindly sponsored by AOPA UK

Please see the YA 2024 page for a full update of the event as of Mon 14th July 2024.

STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

covers a wide range of activities and The Plane Guy is delighted to offer you the following activities for your consideration;

Vintage & Heritage Aviation

Would you like to get up close and personal to either;

a) The world's only flying

ex-RAF Vampire T.11 jet?.

b) A Jet Provost Mk.52?


c) A BAC Lightning T.5?.


Well look no further.

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