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Hi, I'm Andre Faehndrich and I'm The Plane Guy.

I am totally passionate about aviation in all it's forms.

As part of a life-long interest, I want to share my passion, and also promote the wonderful world of aviation, to all ages from the 0 to well, there is no limit!!. 

This also helps me to recover from a very difficult period of work induced stress and depression, and my love of aviation helps me, in my continued recovery, by doing things that I enjoy and that make me feel good.

For a summary of what The Plane Guy does, download the following; 

Come and share my passion for the wonderful world of aviation, in all its forms and help me to educate, inspire and most of all have fun.


Life is short - live every day to the full.


Would you like to get up close and personal to either;

a) The world's only flying

ex-RAF Vampire T.11 jet?.

b) A Jet Provost Mk.52?


c) A BAC Lightning T.5?.


Well look no further.

Vintage & Heritage Aviation


Next UK World Pedal Plane Gathering
Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you've been wondering what is happening with the 2022 UK Pedal Plane Gathering.

Well the bad news is that there won't be one, as we were unable to fnd somewhere to host the event between Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023.

The good news is there will be a UK Pedal Plane Gathering in 2023, but around Easter or May time.

This gives us time to find a new venue and also to porepare something a little different for all the participants, from builders to Pedal Plane Pilots. So please watch out here for updates soon, and also on the UK Pedal Planes Facebook Page (

Please call back for more information real soon. 

STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) covers a wide range of activities and The Plane Guy is delighted to offer you the following activities for your consideration;

The Wood Store Barton Ltd

Want a pedal plane for your 3 to 7 year old??.

We build a variety of pedal plane models - from;


Tiger Moth, Spitfire,

P-51 Mustang, Harvard 

to Piper Cub. 

Young Aviators


The 16th Annual Yong Aviators event at Sywell on Saturday 10th Septemebr 2022 was another great success.


The 17th Annual event is schaeduled for Saturday 9th September 2023 and will be at a new venue.


Currently this Is under review and as soon as an update is available as to the new location, it will be posted here.


Please call back for an update real soon.

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