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Please note – this event is NOT an LAA or a YES event and is run entirely privately.

Hello Everyone,

May I express my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for another magnificent Young Aviators day, this the 11th Annual event, at Sywell on Saturday 19th September. I do not have all the volunteers e-mail details, but I’ll ask Roy, Ellie, Andy and others to pass on this message and thanks. I have mentioned below most people, but if I have left anyone out, it’s totally unintentional, but please let me know.

Without all this magnificent “Working Together” the day would not have gone as smoothly as it did, and I could certainly not have organised the day without the large team of helpers and volunteers and pilots and Sywell Aerodrome, as you can see below.

There was a huge amount for everyone to see and do on the day, and we managed to fly everyone as well, despite the gusty cross wind, and the rain also managed to stay away, which was an added bonus.

Unfortunately the weather thwarted some arrivals, and also the Miles Messenger flying, and the fully inflated balloon.

However we did have the following, to inspire, educate and create a Day of fun for everyone;

The Northampton Model Aircraft Club (NMAC) with their magnificent models (shame we could not have seen these fly!) and two great flight simulators.

The local 1st Sywell Air Scouts and Ellie & Scott Doak and their large team of Scout volunteers (Jackie, Ashley, Neil, Mark, Greg, Benia, Robin, Stella, Chris & Paul) who carried out Scout Activities, and in addition also provided stomp rockets, marshalling practice, YES paper planes, the Egg Flight challenge (and once again we had some great entries, with a roughly 50/50 success rate of flying and not cracking the on-board egg in the fly-offs at the end of the day).

The Vulcan to the Sky trust with their display of the excellent work done on XH558 the Vulcan and now their new project the Canberra and of course their Youth build-plane Sherwood Ranger and a great flight simulator. Thanks Toni Hunter.

Roy Bricknell and his NMAC and Towcester Rotary volunteers (Ron, Dick, Dave, Dale, Martin, Dawn, John) who helped with the models, simulators and other activities.

We had Map Reading and Navigation Exercises, ably run as usual by Geoff and Sheridan.

We had a balloon basket and burner from CRBBAC (thanks to Matt Rate and friends to Jamie Edwards for organising).

We had 2x pedal planes (thanks to YES for these and the YES paper planes)

We also had two aircraft in static display – Nick’s lovely Robin which proved popular with adults and youngsters alike and John’s Titan P-51 Mustang which was resplendent and had only just recently flown.

Many Thanks to the many other volunteers (Frank, Michael, Tom, Adrian, Helen), who helped on the day with the Sywell Museum visits, the registration of the Young Aviators, running the bus stop (Andy Hunt, Rose, Rob & Ben) escorting youngsters airside, giving out the goodie bags, Young Aviators certificates, and the slices of cake (Thanks Denise – my partner in crime, for putting up with me in the run up to the event).

To Jeff Bell, Ed Carter and Sandy for their usual ATC harmony, to Sywell Aerodrome for hosting the event and their generosity in providing the room and Hangar 2 (thanks Ashleigh, Phil and Kathy).

Thanks also to the Fire & Fuel Teams, the Hotel Staff and the Pilots Mess for feeding and watering everyone

Finally and definitely not least to the Pilots -Chris, Paul, Stewart, Bryan, Lawrence, Joe, Nick, Colin, Nick, John and Mark, who provided their huge generosity of flying the youngsters.


We flew a total of 73x youngsters and 2x adults on 53x flights and these were comprised of 7x non-Scouts, and the rest were 6x Scouts each from 28th & 54th Oxford, 23x Scouts from various Northamptonshire regions, and 5x Whiteleaf Chiltern Vale and 5x 1st Thame Chiltern Vale and 23x 1st Sywell Air Scouts.


Once again a huge big “Thanks a million” to everyone for volunteering to help on the day, and to making this, the 11th Annual Young Aviators Day at Sywell, another great success.

Here’s to seeing you all at the 12th Annual Young Aviators Day at Sywell on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards,

Andre Faehndrich 11th Annual Young Aviators Organiser

Sywell Aerodrome Saturday 17th September 2016


Tel: 01582-755356

Mob: 07952-711869

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