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The aim is simply, to bring together in one place, a host of different elements of flying – from gliders, balloons, microlights to LAA type aircraft, larger production 4-seat aircraft, Vintage aircraft and with perhaps a hovercraft, simulators, paper planes, pedal planes to model aircraft and the very popular Egg Crash Test Fly-off, and whatever else we can rustle up, to high-light the wonderful world of aviation, and the myriad of opportunities for a career for old and young alike..
Each year Young Aviators is totally different, but the aims are always the same.  This provides a fun day out, filled with inspiration, encouragement, great ideas, education and most of all fun, for all the 80 to 90 Young Aviator participants (pre-registration is vital, as each year it’s strictly by invitation only), their friends and all for all the family.
The event also provides one avenue for the Beavers, Cub, Scouts and Explorer Air Scouts, to obtain some of their Air Badges, and show them the art of the possible, linked in to other events around the country.


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